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Tweseldown has a rich and varied history of equine and military use stretching back over 160 years.  The course has held Military revues for the Queen, hosted Olympic events, National hunt, point to point, the world Pentathlon riding events and is now staging regular eventing and cross country schooling sessions.


Racing began at Tweseldown in 1866 and was staged for the benefit of officers from Aldershot Garrison. The Grand Military Gold Cup was run on the Hampshire course until it was moved to Sandown in 1887 but National Hunt meetings continued to be organised at Tweseldown until 1932. At one time as many as seven fixtures took place annually.

Tweseldown staged the first Sunday race meeting with legal betting in 1996, and the Eventing for the 1948 Olympic Games.



1854.  Bought by the British Army, for troop training purposes for the Crimea War.

1886. July 2nd.  Queen Victoria took the Salute of a Royal Revue with 15,000 troops.

1867.  Officially opened as a race course.

1880.  Officially recognized as a racecourse. Racing under National Hunt Rules.

1896.  Queen Victoria visited Tweseldown for the last time, inspecting the 15th Hussars.

1914-18.  Training camp for the Royal Army Medical Corps.

1948 - Olympics Equestrian events

1958.  Hosted the World Pentathlon Riding Event, and the Control Tower was built in commemoration.

1961 - aircraft Crash